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Men's Stock Hair Pieces

Mens Full Wigs


Are you still stuck using the same old stock men’s hairpieces? Pre-made men’s wigs and men’s hair systems have definitely come a long way in the past few years. Here at Advent Hair, we have a direct link to the factories, and we can get virtually any type of stock men’s hair system you could possibly want. Our stock hair units are available in sizes that range from 7”x9” up to 8”x10”. Our men’s full wigs can very easily be cut down to a smaller size if that’s what you need.


The most common base materials used in stock men’s hair pieces are:

  • Skin grafts (thick and medium thickness)
  • French lace, fine welded mono lace, and super fine French lace
  • Fine mono with poly perimeter


When you select your stock hairpiece base below, you’ll be able to see the different men’s wigs that you can choose from. Choose from our wide selection of base sizes, materials, and densities. All of our colors are available. It’s never been easier to get your confidence back with a pre-made men’s hair system!


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