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When people have a question about their custom or stock hair replacement systems, they can always contact Advent Hair for the truth.  We have long-standing relationships with all the US based suppliers and Asian workshops and they keep us updated on the trends.

We've been in the hair system business for a long time and we know the background and the future of the industry.  We receive many emails, letters, and phone calls asking us different types of questions. If someone else is wondering about it, then it’s probably a common concern. That's why we have a FAQ section that addresses many of the questions that we receive.

The most popular concerns we hear are;

  • Help, I'm stuck in a hair system program and I can't seem to break free.
  • The salon tells me that I need to buy 6 units per year, but yet I don't own them - what's up with that?
  • How can I learn to securely attach the hair system myself to save money & time?
  • What's the difference between a lace front and a bio-skin front?

Whether you're interested in men's stock hair systems or men's custom hair systems, Advent can provide you with all the popular hair systems available today at substantial savings from the overpriced hair replacement studio.

For our female clientele, we offer remarkable women's stock hair systems and women's custom hair systems.

We are particularly proud of our extensive offerings for Women of Color Wigs & Wefts.

We're here to help. Take the time to look through our frequently asked questions to learn how Advent Hair can help you.

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Most Common Questions...

  • Help me! I'm stuck in an HCM program and they polyfuse the system to my head. I pay them a $400 monthly fee and get 8 systems per year. How can I break free?
  • First of all, congratulations on recognizing that there are other choices besides your current situation and that it is very easy to custom design your own hair system AND perform your own bonds in the privacy of your home for a cost of ~ $15! We would suggest that your first objective is to learn how to remove your system, clean it and re-attach it all by yourself. Once you have mastered this, you'll chuckle to yourself the next time you set foot in the studio. Next, you should write down your measurements so that when you're ready to order from Advent, you'll have these ready to go. See next question on what supplies you'll need.
  • OK, I've mentally committed to breaking free from my retailers program. What do I need to start doing my own bonds?
  • For Polyfuse attachment, also known as Perimeter Bond, you will need to remove the system from your head, remove the tape (usually red) from the perimeter, wash the system, re-apply red tape to the perimeter, then apply a Perimeter Bond adhesive to the tape (a 2nd coat to the track of the head is optional), shave the track if necessary, then attach the system to your head. Supplies needed would be: Amber for clean-up, Roll of Red tape and either Vapon No-Tape, Walker UltraHold, SensiBond or Max Grafting Solution. (all various PB adhesives.) For Full Head Bonds (aka Top of Head Bonds), you will need to remove the system and thoroughly clean it. If it's a skin graft, cleaning it is fairly easy. If it's a lace system, more time is necessary to clean the adhesive. (Use EZ Clean). Then use Mudd to cleanse the scalp of all oils and perspiration. Apply the adhesive (Euro Bond or Max Dermatex) to the scalp, then apply the system to your scalp. Piece of cake!
  • What is the 'Ultra Defined' System?
  • 'Ultra Defined' is 'just another marketing term' that the great minds of the hair replacement industry have conjured up while playing golf at Pebble Beach! Quite frankly, it can mean whatever the sales rep believes you want to hear. Generally, it means a thin, translucent skin-like material with the hair either injected or knotted into the base. The front can either be the same material or french lace. It's very thin, about .8 - .10 mm and looks/feels stunning. The salon will strongly encourage you to 'full head bond' it on so they have you as a captive audience AND to give them a chance every 30 days to upsell you. It is fragile, but with proper care, will last about 3-5 months. When you go in for services, the techs are pretty rough w/ them in the back room, as they are ALWAYS trying to up-sell you into larger monthly commitments. They want to show you that the V/R system only lasts one month. Before you know it, you'll believe that the systems look great, but they are fragile, hence you need to get a new one every month (12 per year) and you'll be paying $400+/mo. We call our version the 'iBase' and have found that w/ proper care, a FHB client gets about 4 mos wear from them. We can increase the thickness to .12 mm to prolong the life span.
  • How can your prices be so low but yet still offer the quality long that high priced hair replacement salons offer?
  • Please recognize that Advent Hair is a factory direct distributor for the top manufacturers in the world. From our web marketing and client referrals, we are able to generate tremendous volume and like everything in the world, those businesses that can commit to the manufacturer receive fabulous pricing. We also keep our expenses low by avoiding costly expenses like TV advertising and a fancy building. We pass these savings directly to the savvy buyer.
  • How long does the Hair System last?
  • Because the hair system doesn't grow, its life span has limitations. Daily wear systems will last longer than extended wear systems because sleeping and showering while wearing them adds to the wear and tear. On average, our clients experience 6 months with the fragile (but absolutely undetectable and beautiful) lace systems and 9 - 12 months for a standard mono base with scalloped or smooth line frontal design.
  • Why is Advent Hair a better choice than all the other web vendors?
  • Most of the web vendors have no clue what they are doing. (Quite a few of them don't even have a telephone number that you can call?) They're typically retail salon owners that are trying to please remote clients so they buy the hair systems from their normal channels and pass them on to you. And therein lies the problem. They haven't taken the time to research the market like Advent has to locate the how, where and what of creating the perfect hair system. Most are owned by non-wearers and most have ugly web sites. With Advent Hair, you're working personally with Jeff Waite, who has been wearing hair since 1987 and takes great pride in delivering superb customer service. Advent is very demanding of the factories in the Far East and Jeff travels there every year to personally inspect the new designs AND build solid, lasting relationships with the owners, designers and ventilators.
  • How do I take care of my system?
  • When your system arrives in the mail, you will need to first take it to a hair stylist to have it cut, thinned and blended into your own hair. You need to develop a relationship with this hair stylist. Once this is done, be sure to use quality products (that have been specifically designed for human and synthetic hair systems) to care for your hair. For example, clean your system with a mild shampoo, use cream type conditioners that do NOT contain Lanolin, polymers, or heavy oils. Use leave on spray conditioner also to keep the hair soft and pliable. Use the Euro Deep Cleansing Shampoo (see Supplies) once per week to prevent dryness and use the Detangler spray to keep the hair from tangling. And never use any alcohol based styling aids as they will dry the hair. Note that we offer superior formulated products that have been designed for Advent Hair and we price these at fabulous wholesale prices.
  • What's the difference between Pro-Fiber, Advent Human Hair & Remy Hair?
  • For starters, all three types of hair can experience color fading. Human hair can be recolored while synthetic hair can't. Sometimes synthetic hair tends to turn fuzzy too fast. Synthetic hair goes flat and must be steam waved every 6-8 weeks. Human hair can be ordered with any wave or curl you desire. Grey hair in systems is usually synthetic. Grey hair makes a good blend with a human darker color mix, because if the color fades, it can be tinted again without covering the Grey.
  • How are the new full lace fronts better or different than other fronts on systems?
  • The lace front represents the latest breakthrough in hair systems. All of the Advent Counselors wear this type of front and we all feel that it's the best way to go. In fact, we never experience others looking at our hairline and wondering if we wear hair!
  • How do I locate a competent hair technician to cut my new system in for me?
  • This is much easier than you would think. Most retailers realize that their business model is being eroded by smart internet wholesalers and they are usually more than happy to make money on the cut-in. In fact, many technicians work from their home to earn some extra money. Just ask them! Once you become a client of Advents, we would be happy to call our customer base in your area and/or call the many salons that actually resell the Advent Hair System to arrange a cut-in for you. Expect to pay ~ $75 - $100 for this service.

Other Frequently Asked Questions...

  • What's the difference between a lace front and a bio-skin front?
  • Both of these fronts allow the hair system to have an 'undetectable hairline'. The lace is breathable but over time can become frayed and clogged with adhesive. The bio-skin front is transparent and looks stunning. Both materials can be attached with glue or tape and care must be taken to remove the adhesive. Many wearers try both types to determine what works best for them.
  • How important is the density of the hair?
  • The density of a hairpiece and wig is of utmost importance to creating a realistic natural look, which is what we are all after! Most men should decrease the density as they age and most women desire to keep the same consistent density throughout their wig wearing years. The biggest mistake men make is too much density and not enough grey. Don't give us a bad nane guys! For custom hairpieces & wigs, we have the ability to select differing densities for all 6 sections. Typically, lesser density in the front and progressively increasing density as we go back.
  • How do I get FREE shipping for my US order?
  • FREE Ground Shipping applies to US Lower 48 orders (excluding Hawaii & Alaska). To receive free shipping, your order must be entered online and exceed $150. Simply enter the coupon code FREESHIP during the check out process and the shipping cost will be $0. We reserve the right to ship the items with USPS or FedEx Ground.
  • How do I go about selecting a stock unit?
  • For both men and women, we carry many pre-made stock hairpieces and wigs to choose from. Please note that stock units are all first rate quality and - if you can be fit into one - they are a godsend to those of us that procrastinate too long to buy a replacement! Take a look at our stock information and call us to discuss the options.