Men's Fine Mono Hair Pieces

SKU Men's Stock Fine Mono
Weight 36.00 Ounces
Height 4.00
Width 4.00
Depth 7.00
Availability Usually ships the next business day
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The Fine Mono bases have been around for many years and most long-time hair wearers started with this unit. The Mesh (aka M Mesh) is breathable and durable.

Great unit for daily wearers who decide to attach with tape, as it can easily be removed every night and popped right back on the next morning!

All FM bases have an approximate 1" PU perimeter for glue, tape or clip attachment. The 8x10's have a wide PU perimeter that can be trimmed down to a smaller size.

Furthermore, all stocks have a light body wave, unless noted.

Here's the stocks that we carry with base dimensions and density.

Choice 1 (PAT) - 7" x 9", Medium, Scalloped Front
Choice 2 (ECH) - 8" x 10", Medium/Light (French Lace base material), Similar to HCM's Bio Matrix
Choice 3 (OV) - 8" x 10", Medium, Scalloped Front
Choice 4 (OV-L) - 8" x 10", Medium (French Lace Base with Lace Front
Choice 5 (BM-S) - 7 1/2" x 9 1/2", Medium/Light, French Lace Front
Choice 6 (BM-R) - 7 1/2" x 9 1/2", Medium/Light, Scalloped Front
Choice 7 (BM-C) - 7" x 9", Medium/Light, French Lace Front
Choice 8 (PAT-E)- 8" x 10", Medium/Light, Scaloped Front