Men's Lace Hair Pieces

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Weight 36.00 Ounces
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The Lace bases are available in 3 different types;

-> French Lace
-> Super Fine French Lace (similar to Swiss Lace)
-> Fine Welded Mono Lace (slightly stiff, yet durable)

All stock units have a light body wave, unless noted.

Here's the stocks that we carry with base dimensions and density. (all can be cut down to size)

Choice 1 (E-SF) - 8" x 10", Swiss Lace, Light Density
Choice 2 (E-EZ) - 8" x 10", Super Fine Welded Mono, Light Density
Choice 3 (T-2) - 8" x 10", French lace, Medium/Light Density
Choice 4 (FG5) - 7" x 9", Fine Welded Mono w/ tape tab in front and back, Medium/light density
Choice 5 (V-S) - 6" x 8", Fine Welded Mono, Medium/Light density
Choice 6 (V-L) - 7 1/2" x 9 1/2" Fine Welded Mono, Medium/Light Density