Quality Matters

Quality Matters when it comes to Hair Systems for men and women 

(and why the retailer doesn't care)

Quality starts with Advent understanding all of the available choices in the marketplace today. We accomplish this by visiting the factories in Asia every year to meet the designers IN THEIR LABS and to see - with our own eyes - the material used, the processing of the hair and the indepth ability of the ventilators. 

Not to mention, we also just happen to be shown to the *special room* where all the units are being prepared for shipment to Hair Club, New Image, Advanced Hair and all the other large US-based distributors. When we peak in the boxes, we get to see their new designs and we simply snag a few for ourselves to beta test back in the US! 

That sounds great Advent, but ... 

How can you offer the same quality hair system for under $600 that retail salons sell for $1,200+? 

-- We cater to the client who knows what he/she wants. 

Lets face it, if you currently wear hair, you understand what you like and dislike about specific hair systems. Advent Hair is a factory direct distributor to individuals like you, that already know what they want in a hair system, and are simply looking for a reliable supplier to provide them with regular hair replacements at substantial savings. 

Knowing what you like and dislike puts you in a position to save a significant amount of money by handling the ordering yourself. 

-- We minimize costs by buying in volume for our educated buyers. 

As you already know, all hair systems are manufactured at factories in the Far East. They are sold to the hair wearer through hair salons and wholesale outlets like Advent Hair. From our web marketing and client referrals we are able to generate tremendous volume, and as in any industry, those businesses that can commit to the manufacturer receive fabulous pricing. 


Furthermore, we keep our overhead low by avoiding costly expenses like TV advertising and store fronts. 

As a result, we are able to offer you the exact same hair systems you get in a retail salon at over 50% savings.



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