Advent Hair vs Hair Studios

Advent Hair is a factory direct distributor of custom and pre-made hair systems for men and women.

Since our founding in 1994, we have traveled to Asia multiple times to visit the hair factories to learn of the new manufacturing techniques, work in collaboration with the designers and to inspect the quality control procedures in place.

All of these activites are what differientates Advent Hair from the typical Hair Replacement Studio where you have started your journey of wearing hair.

Most studios buy their hair and marketing/advertising from the Big Four US based hair distributors.  You might be surprised to earn that less than 5% of the personnel at the distributors AND the studios do NOT wear hair.  So, when they tell you that they understand your concerns about ill fitting hair systems, poor bonding adhesives, hair fall out and all the other issues we have as hair wearers, ask them what they will do to keep you as a loyal paying customer?

What makes Advent Hair unique is that since our beginning, we have frequently traveled to Asia to personally inspect all aspects of the manufacturing process.  Let me tell you that this was not easy to figure out.  No one was waiting at the airport with open arms to lead us around.  I needed to hire a translator and driver to navigate the countryside to locate the factories and then convince them to see me.  Many times, I was prevented from entering, but I persisted and eventully cracked the code of the hair factories.

Ask your studio about the different types of hair and how it is processed.  What is REMY hair and how does the ventilation  technique differ from the processed Indian hair?

You will soon discover that going direct with Advent Hair is the smartest move you can make.