Full Head Bonding Adhesives

Full Head Bonding Adhesives

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Ghost Bond Adhesive is one of the best ways to keep hair systems firmly held to the head. However, Ghost Bond Adhesive, Ghost Bond XL and Ghost Bond Supreme and other lace front glue don’t always offer the same hold time for everyone. Some people might find that full head bonding using Ghost Bond Adhesive and other adhesives lasts them up to 6 weeks, where others might get a great hold for only 1 week. However, the hold provided by Ghost Bond Adhesive, and our other adhesives is undetectable and flawless for up to five weeks! At AdventHair.com, we carry the best lace front glue, Ghost Bond Adhesive and adhesives

Before choosing or using wig adhesive, it’s important to perform a skin test to ensure there are no skin allergies present. We offer the best wig adhesive for your hair piece, and are sure you’ll be satisfied with our selection of lace front glue and full head bonding adhesives. With many products from popular brands, including Pro Hair Labs Ghost Bond Adhesive, Pro Hair Labs Transdermal, Max Adhesives Adhere 360 and other quality wig adhesive, we have the adhesives you need for only the best hold.

Shop Full head bonding supplies and wig adhesive at AdventHair.com today! Please note, that for sanitary reasons, liquid wig adhesive is not allowed to be returned for credit or refund.

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Ghost Bond XL Adhesive 1.3 oz

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