Bonding Adhesives & Extenda-Bond Plus Tape Strips

Bonding Adhesives & Extenda-Bond Plus Tape Strips

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Wig Glue & Hair Adhesives

Let's be honest - do you really think a technician, who most likely does not wear hair, understands YOUR personal hair bonding needs? Most studios are inexperienced - they perform just one type of bond, only use one brand of wig adhesive or hair adhesive, and don't even know that others exist.

We all have had bad bond jobs. visits different techs every year to test their ability and discover that just 10% of them can be considered great, while the rest are mediocre. When the technician attaches the system via perimeter bonding or full head bonding wig glue, do they tell you there's a wrinkle? Even if they know it's there and wouldn’t admit it even if you mentioned it, many bad jobs are just out of your hands.

It's time to step up and take control! 

Do your bonds yourself and save! Select from various different perimeter bond hair adhesive products, top selling full head bond wig adhesive products, non-messy strong holding bonding strips and superior hairpiece head preparation & cleaning supplies. When you use your own quality hair bonding products, you choose to0 start with hairpiece head preparation products that most studios don’t even bother with.

Here at you’ll find all the full head bond adhesive products, touch up adhesive gums, and other hair bonding adhesive products that put the bonding and the savings all back in your hands!

NOTE: Never apply any hair or wig adhesive directly to lace material, as the lace will absorb the moist adhesive and become gummed up. For any wig glue, clear or colored, apply one coat at a time and allow to dry to a tacky feel before affixing the base to the skin.

For sanitary reasons, all liquid adhesives are NOT allowed to be returned for a credit or refund. If you are unfamiliar with a particular adhesive, we would suggest that you purchase the smaller size bottle, if available.

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