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Men's Custom Hair Pieces

Custom Fitting Hairpieces for Men

We’re all different, and that’s why custom men’s hair pieces are an excellent choice. Why settle for something that wasn’t made especially for you? Here at Advent Hair, we believe that you deserve to feel confident and look your best. With men’s custom hair pieces, you’ll have everything you need to face the world with a positive outlook.


Our custom hair units are available in a variety of materials and specifications. You can choose from:

  • Hair color with hi-lites
  • Various gray percentages in different sections
  • Different densities
  • Textures and waves

When you're shopping through the choices for your custom men’s hair system, you should know that the most common base materials are:


  • Skin grafts (thin and medium thickness)
  • French lace, fine welded mono lace, and super fine French lace
  • Fine mono with poly perimeter


When you select the first item below, you’ll then be able to enter the specifications for your custom men’s hair system. When it comes to custom hair units, you can put your trust in Advent Hair. Take the time to look at the other sections below and learn more about the choices you have.


Upon receipt of your online order for a custom men's hair system, we will call you to confirm your order

To achieve a perfect fitting hairpiece, download our Template Instructions.


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