Hairpiece Tape Rolls

Advent Hair stocks the most popular Hairpiece & Wig tape Rolls that the Hair Studios carry - at a fraction of their prices.

Whether you attach for a few days thru a few weeks, we have it.

Wig tape is a convenient and affordable way for you to secure your wig or hair system without having to mess around with tricky adhesives. You'll get a secure hold that’s comfortable and reliable. You can choose from a wide variety of wig tape to find the adhesion strength you need.  

Hairpiece & Wig Tape Rolls are 2-sided and available from Walker Tape, Sunshine, True Tape, Vapon and Max Adhesives.


NOTE:  We are ELIMINATING all tape rolls from our website. What you see below is all that we have in stock. We do not plan to restock any more rolls once they are sold out.

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