Walker No-Shine Bonding Tape Contours

Walker No-Shine Bonding Tape Contours

Walker No-Shine Bonding Tape

Get a lasting hold that lasts for weeks with the Walker No-Shine Contoured Bonding Tape. Walker No-Shine Tape provides an outstanding bonding for your hair replacement system, with a strong hold and a reduced shine. Choose from custom contour tape fits to create a strong, unseen bond.

For a quality hold that lasts in high moisture situations, such as humid weather, sports and rain, Walker tape is both waterproof and hypoallergenic. The dull finish of the tape creates a discreet look, while the extended hold of this hair piece tape creates a hold for up to three weeks on average. Walker No-Shine tape is the perfect choice for attaching lace wig bases and even thin skin bases. Consider Walker tape as your first choice in lasting alternative tapes to attach a thin skin front wig, with a careful removal of the high quality tape from the skin.

AdventHair.com carries a full selection of Walker No-Shine Bonding Tape for a long lasting hold. Shop the Walker No-Shine Bonding Tape selection for distinctive hair piece tape contours to match your hairline.

36 pieces per package.  

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