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Synthetic Hair

Synthetic fiber used in hair replacement systems is man-made and needs special attention to ensure its realistic look and performance. Do NOT use human hair products on synthetic hair pieces or synthetic wigs. Instead, let Advent Hair provide you with synthetic wig care products such as synthetic hair piece shampoo and conditioner to help you better care for your hair.


Made by top brands like Premier Products and TDI Hair Products, these synthetic wig shampoos, conditioners, and care products work with your hair’s unique construction to ensure the best look.  Take for instance Velvasil, which is a silicone-based, leave-in conditioner with sun screen designed specifically for making synthetic wigs look their best while protecting them from color fading. Or there’s CC2000 by PPI Hair Products for keeping your synthetic hair piece clean, shiny, and silky. Use this water-based cleaner to gently remove build up and give your hair system a natural look and feel.


Shop our selection of synthetic hair care products today and save.

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