French Lace Wig & Hairpiece Cleaners

French Lace Wig & Hairpiece Cleaners

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If you wear a lace base or a lace front hair system for an undetectable look, you already know that it takes care and precision in order to look your best. To help you care for your lace hair system effectively, we offer lace cleaners and lace removers that can help you prolong the life of your hair system by delivering gentle yet powerful cleaning power.

Most salons don’t clean your lace wig or lace hair system correctly because they want you to convert to a program to buy more units. We don’t do that at Advent Hair. Instead, we provide you with lace release remover sprays, lace wig cleaner, and other hair system care products that can help you make your hair system last and look its best.

Shop and save on wig cleaner and lace remover from our selection. If you’re a lace wig or lace frontal wearer, then these products are must-haves!

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Lace Release Spray 4 oz

Lace Release Spray 4 oz

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