Custom Hair Systems For Men

Custom hair replacement systems for men are available in 2 sizes;  top-of-the-head and full head wigs.

The top-of-the-heads are sometimes referred to as toupees with a base size less than 8” x 10”.  They can be constructed with all of the popular base materials which include Fine Mono Mesh, French Lace, Swiss Lace, Fine Welded Mono (EZON) and skin graft poly skin of various thicknesses.

Depending on the base material and your wearing preference, they can be attached to your scalp with tape or glue for daily or permanent (2-4 weeks) wear. 

The Full Head Wigs for men can be constructed of the same material as toupees, however poly skin is normally not used as it tends to be too hot for full head coverage.

To ensure a perfect fitting custom hair system, a well made template is recommended as well as a few hair samples that show the blend of colors as well as the grey percentages, if applicable.

In lieu of a template, we can easily duplicate the size of an older hairpiece.

Custom hairpieces and wigs require a template and hair samples and take approximately 6 weeks to build for you.  Once we have all of the specifications like hair color, density and wave, we can easily reorder them anytime you need one.