Types of Women's Hair Systems

Types of Women's Hair Systems

If you're in the market for hair systems for women, you've come to the right place. Advent Hair has a variety of pre-made hair integration systems for women that are available for delivery in as little as seven days. Whether you're looking for full hairpieces for women or hair replacement systems that only cover a portion of the head, Advent Hair has them. All of our quality products are handmade with the best available human hair in a variety of colors.

Advent Hair's hairpieces for women are made from French lace or silk mesh with a poly perimeter. Hair replacement systems include a small round or oval top-of-the head piece for women who have sufficient hair on the sides and in back, but have thinning hair on top.

Our selection also includes 3/4 hair systems for women with a fine mono mesh base that covers half way down the back of the head. Advent Hair's hair integration systems for women allow customers to pull their own hair through via a variety of hole sizes and locations.

This system is a Full Head System, which covers the entire head. It is generally made from French Lace or Silk mesh with a poly perimeter for attachment. The frontal material can be either french lace, poly or bio-skin. We have several of these available as pre-made systems, ready to ship in 7 days or you may elect to have us build a custom system for you.
This system is a 3/4 System, which covers half way down the back of the entire head. The base is Fine Mono Mesh with a 3/4" french lace front. Note the wide front to cover the temples area. This is a pre-made system with 14" long hair, ready to ship in 7 days.
Integration Base
The integration base, by definition, is a base that allows your own thin hair to be pulled thru to integrate with the hair systems hair. There are several choices of integration braided polyester to use, as well as the size of the holes and location of the integration material. For ex, you may want the hair system base to have integration material in the back half and regular breathable mesh/lace in the front half.
Base Picture
The Top-of-the-Head system is a small system for a women's head. Generally, the woman has good side and back hair, but thinning or no hair on the top. These base are normally round (5" x 5") or oval (5" x 7") in size with minimal or no frontal recession.
TOH Base Picture

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