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How can we make you a perfect fitting custom hair piece without seeing you?
There are three factors which enable Advent Hair to ensure that you get a perfect fit. Find out how our experience, high quality standards and proven self fitting technique guarantee you a custom hair piece that looks natural and fits you best.

1. Experience with measuring and fitting hair systems

Our staff has a combined 35 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and distributing hair systems. We have over 1,100 clients located throughout North America and Canada and 40% of our new business is referred to us from satisfied clients. We know how to properly fit human hair wigs for different head measurements, frontal recessions and overall contours. We also have experience with both men and womens custom wigs fittings.

2. Use only high quality hair systems and supplies

The design of a hair system with a perfect fit requires the use of quality hair and materials as well as reliable and consistent manufacturing. We work with the exact same manufacturers and suppliers that the world’s leading U.S. and international importers use. In fact, on a recent trip to Beijing, I personally saw a ventilator packing an Advent Hair system along with an HCM system! Our high product volumes and stable relationships with the factory personnel enable us to demand the highest standards for our client’s hair systems. In addition, we always pre-pay the factory for the systems and we always use Fed Ex for shipping. An order, which takes 5 careful weeks to manufacture, only takes 3 days to travel from China to the States.

Try this test - ask your retailer if they know what REMY hair is - and - can they get it for you? 10 to 1 they're clueless. Watch them squirm, then call us to find out what a partial lace Remy frontal can do for you!

3. Proven self-fitting measurement techniques

The final element of a perfect fit is the measurement. You may be purchasing your mens or womens custom wigs systems today from a retail salon, solely to insure that you get accurate measurements for your hair system. But are they really equipped and experienced enough to do this? When was the last time your favorite technician wore a partial lace Remy frontal? Does he/she know what it feels like to have an air bubble in the base? We doubt it!

Advent Hair has developed a proven self-fitting technique that allows you to do the measurements yourself just as accurately, if not more accurately, than a technician at a retail salon can do. We offer every type of custom hair piece available! Don't be confused by the misleading marketing terms that retailers dream up. Take control and custom design EVERY specification of your hair system!