Skin Graft with Poly sides & back

$495.00 $450.00 (You save $45.00 - 9%)
SKU Skin Graft w/ Poly Edge
Weight 16.00 Ounces
Colors None Selected Required
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The skin graft base, which is typically full head bonded to the scalp, can also be attached with tape for a 1-7 day hold.  By attaching with tape, you need to be careful and avoid ripping the skin when removing the tape.

To help you, we have designed a skin base with an outer PU edge to provide the necessary durability for tape attachment and removal.  This outer PU edge is just thick enough to provide you with piece of mind and does not interfere at all with the look and comfort of wearing a skin graft base.  It simply allows you the flexibility of attaching a skin graft w/ tape only.