Fine Mono with Glass Silk Perimeter & Lace Front (8622)

Advent Hair
SKU W-G-FHW-8622
Weight 60.00 Ounces
Base Size Full Head
Base Material Fine Mono
Hair Color Dark
Hairline Material French Lace
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This Women's Custom Full Head Hair System was designed for ease of attachment and durability.

Base Materials

- Fine Mono base

- PU Coated on the sides, top & back for tape and/or adhesive attachment

- French Lace front

Attachment Methods

- Regular tape for 1 - 2 days hold

- Bonding tape for 2 - 4 weeks hold

- Perimeter bonding adhesive for 2 - 4 weeks hold


This hair system can be custom designed to your exact standards for;

- hair color, length & density

- highlight color (optional)


Delivery Timeframe:  10 - 12 weeks  

Base Size:
Full Head
Base Material:
Fine Mono
Hair Color:
Hairline Material:
French Lace