Top of Head Custom Hair Systems for Men

In order for Advent Hair to design the perfect fitting men's top-of-head hair system, we could begin by duplicating your older hairpiece or start from the beginning with a well-made template and accurate hair sample.

Despite all the confusing names that the hair studios invent, there are 3 distinct types of base materials used to construct your hairpiece.

    • Fine Mono Mesh
    • Poly Skin Graft
    • French or Swiss Lace

Learn more about designing your hair system in our Men's Hairpiece Buyer's Guide.

Your best choice for a hairpiece base will depend on your desired durability, hair density and attachment method. 

Generally, the more dense the hair, the more durable the material needs to be.  I.e. for densities ranging from Extra Light - Medium, all three base materials could be chosen.  However, for densities like Medium/Heavy - Extra Heavy, a more durable Fine Mono with a Glass Silk perimeter should be used.

Take a look at the categories below to learn more about each particular option and to see pictures of custom hair systems that we have built for our clients.