Men's Custom Full Head Wig

Men's Custom Hair System - Full Head Wig

To achieve a perfect fitting full head wig for a man, we must begin with a well-made template that shows the proper curvature of the head as well as the hairline and sideburn areas.

The most popular base material choices are;

  • Fine Mono
  • French Lace
  • Skin Graft

or a combination of all 3 materials!

In addition to the base material, you also need to decide;

  • Perimeter Material – Poly Skin such as Glass Silk, PU Coated or PU See Thru

  • Frontal Area – French/Swiss Lace, PU or Bio Skin


The hair density will determine what materials should be used.  Generally, the more dense the hair, the more durable the material needs to be.  For example, for densities ranging from Extra Light thru Medium, French Lace can be used throughout.  However, for densities like Medium/Heavy thru Extra Heavy, a more durable Fine Mono and Glass Silk should be used.

See below for examples of custom full head wigs that we have built for our clientele.