Integration Base - Custom Women's Hair Systems

An integration hair system allows the women to pull her own thinning hair thru the base holes allowing her to ‘integrate’ the hair systems hair with her own, thus achieving the fullness that she desires.

Typically, an integration base ranges in size from a ½ cap to a top-of-head hair system and it is attached to the women’s existing hair with clips or optionally it can braided on.

As depicted below, this top-of-head integration base has 2 primary materials.

  • the interior braided polyester creating the holes for pulling your hair through

  • an outer material of glass silk or nylon that allows you to sew clips onto, attach with tape or glue or even to be braided on.

The hole size is dependent on the amount of existing hair that you have and wish to pull though.  The more hair you have, the larger the holes should be.

On the following pages, we will show you some pictures of different base and hole sizes.