Pro Hair Labs Graft Cleaner 8 oz

Pro Hair Labs
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SKU Pro Hair Labs Graft Cleaner
Weight 9.00 Ounces
Height 7.00
Width 1.75
Depth 1.75
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Pro Hair Lab's GRAFT Cleaner is the BEST cleaner for removing full head bond adhesive from the underside your the skin and lace base hair system. Most salons do not use this. Rather, they take your unit to the 'back room' and beat the hell out of it under tepid water. This is why your unit does not last and you find yourself being 'sold' more units a few months down the road.

Start doing your removals, clean-up's and re-attachments and watch how mych longer your hair systems last.  All of a sudden, you could find yourself only needing 3 units per year, rather than the 6-8 that the studio persuaded you to buy.

Simply submerge your hair system in this re-usable cleaner for 10 - 20 minutes to easily remove all adhesive build-up. Will not discolor unit.  And you can re-use the cleaner for many cleanings.

Buy yourself a tupperwear container at Walmart (with a sealable lid) and pour the Graft Cleaner into it for multiple reuses.

8 oz bottle.