Perma Rite #11 Euro Bond Plus 3 oz

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SKU Euro Bond #11
Weight 5.00 Ounces
Height 3.00
Width 1.00
Depth 1.00
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Perma Rite #11 Euro Bond Plus is a water-based co-polymer grafting compound that is used for attaching french & swiss lace, skin grafts and combination lace/skin graft hairpieces securely to your scalp.

Referred to as full head bonding, Perma Rite #11 does not contain plasticizers, providing you with a very flexible bond which allows the graft to have more flexibility with the benefit of feeling more natural and stress free. Better holding than the other full head bond adhesives.

Clean up is a snap.

Perma Rite #11 Euro Bond Plus is not recommended for those with oily skin or those individuals who use conditioners/styling products that contain oil additives.

3 oz bottle.