Max Adhesives Ascend Extended Wear Adhesive Dab On 1.4 oz

Max Adhesives
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SKU Max Ascend 1.4 oz
Weight 2.30 Ounces
Height 4.00
Width 1.00
Depth 1.00
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Max Adhesives, the pioneer in formulating long lasting and safe bonding adhesives beings its newest bond to the market - Ascend!

Ascend is an incredibly strong holding liquid adhesive specifically designed to stand up to perspiration, sweat and hot climates.

Most hair wearers are reporting that they're getting a solid 2-3 week hold. 

So easy to apply with the easy-to-use dab-on applicator.  And clean up is a breeze as well.  For best results, apply 2-3 layers to the scalp, allowing each coat to completely dry.  And never apply it directly to lace marerial.

A great use for Ascend is for applying the lace front securely to your scalp.  Just swipe a thin coat onto your forehead, allow to dry and press the french lace down.  Piece of cake!

Bottle Size: 1.4 oz Dab On