Custom Hair System Pricing

Pricing for Custom Hair Systems for Men & Women

If you're looking for the most natural-looking hair replacement system, consider choosing a custom toupee, custom made wig, or other custom hairpiece from Advent Hair.  We offer a wide variety of options to suit any style, personal preference, or budget, so there's no question of finding the right fit in our custom hair selection.

With options for both men and women, Advent Hair is the only place to go for custom hair replacement systems.  We carry options for long hair, Remy hair, and even human grey hair to ensure the most natural look.  All of our custom toupees, custom made wigs and hairpieces are made with quality hair and materials to look natural, so rest assured that you're getting the best hair system for the price.

Below you'll find all of the pricing specifications in regards to our custom made wigs, custom hair systems, and options like Remy hair, highlights and integration bases. Ordering multiple units? Scroll down to see our multiple unit pricing as well as discounted options. Have questions about our custom hair replacement systems? Feel free to contact us and we'd be happy to help you!


Custom Hair Systems

Custom Unit

Men's/Women's Hair System $575+options
(if applicable)





Oversize Base (>80 in2) $75
French Lace/Swiss Lace $25
Hair Density Medium - $75
Medium/Heavy - $125
Heavy - $175
Xtra Heavy - $225
 Remy Hair  $100
 Silk Mesh Tops or Integration Material  $95
 Human Grey Hair  $75
 Long Hair (> 6") 8" - 12" - $30/inch
14" - 20"  - $35/inch
22+ " - $40/inch

 Blonde/Red Hair Color

(includes Remy Hair)

 Spot (circular) Highlights $75

 RUSH Service (5 weeks)

* men's hairpieces only



Multiple Unit Pricing

Base Size Additional Units

Normal Base

30% discount (off regular prices)
Oversize Base (> 80 in2) 30% discount (off regular prices)