Perma Rite #1 Plus Adhesive 1 oz, 4 oz, 5 oz

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Perma Rite #1 Plus Adhesive 1 oz, 4 oz, 5 oz
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4 oz bottle
4 oz bottle
4 oz bottle
5 oz tube
5 oz tube
Perma Rite 1+ Adhesive is available in 3 sizes:
- 1 oz tube @ $35
- 4 oz bottle @ $126
- 5 oz tube @ $134

The more your buy, the more you save!

Perma Rite #1 Plus is a soft bond adhesive which will not crystalize. Perfectly safe for skin contact. Perma Rite #1 Plus exceeds all industry standards within the Health Care Industry for quality control and testing (non-sensitizing, non-irritant and hypoallergenic).

Perma Rite #1 Plus is a silicon-based formulation and can be removed with adhesive removing solvents. It is waterproof and will last longer and not become gummy. It is formulated with 60% more solids to achieve a more secure hold of your hair system unit.

Note: Perma Rite #1 Plus should only be used as a perimeter bond on the outer PU perimeter of your system and should never be applied to the lace base material.

Available as a 1 oz tube, 4 oz bottle & 5 oz tube.
Ideal attachment procedure is;

- thoroughly clean skin area where attachment will occur (typically outer 1" of the base)
- use Scalp Protector as final step
- apply red liner tape to outer edge of base (on PU), remove paper from tape, thus exposing the sticky side
- apply Perma Rite directly to sticky tape, usually in a zig zag fashion. (less is better)
- allow to dry (cure) to a tacky condition (try not to touch!)
- affix unit to hair stubble, press down on outer edge of base; don't get the hair wet for 24 hrs.

-> Never apply directly to lace.

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