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Hair Club for Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

One of the first things people consider as a hair replacement solution when they decide to take charge of their hair loss issue is the possibility of joining a hair club as a means of non surgical hair replacement. Many people have heard of hair clubs from television and magazine ads. While there are definitely some benefits to joining a hair club for non surgical hair replacement, you should be aware of some of the drawbacks.

The first and most apparent disadvantage of joining a hair club for non surgical hair replacement is the commitment. When you sign up for a hair club you are making a long-term commitment to recurring costs. There are upfront set up fees, membership dues, and other recurring costs that add up over time, and these are all costs that are separate from the actual hair system itself.

Another disadvantage of joining a hair club is maintenance. When you’re a member of a hair club, you become reliant on them for all your hair care needs. This includes purchasing maintenance products from them and using their approved salons for regular upkeep. This becomes not only very expensive but also quite inconvenient. You will often pay full price for cleaning and maintenance products, and when it comes to upkeep, you will be at the mercy of salons’ schedules.

The other, and better, route to go is purchasing your own hair system for non surgical hair replacement. First, when you purchase your own hair system, you are cutting out all the recurring costs normally incurred by hair clubs. There are no membership fees or set up fees associated with buying a hair system from Advent Hair. This allows to you have complete independence when it comes to choosing your non surgical hair replacement.

Another benefit of choosing to purchase your own hair system over joining a hair club is having the ability to style, maintain, and clean your hair system without having to schedule a costly appointment with a salon. Buying your own hair system puts you in control while saving you money.

For more information about the benefits of purchasing your own non surgical hair replacement over joining a hair club, call us at 1-800-756-8585 or send us an email at!

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